Dr. Maria Koumenta

Senior Research Affiliate

Maria Koumenta is an Assistant Professor of Labor Economics at Queen Mary, University of London. She is an expert on occupational regulation, currently leading the research on this topic in the EU and UK. Her work explores the characteristics and prevalence of occupational regulation, analyses its impact on labour market outcomes such as earnings, skills, employment, migration and service quality. She has led various projects funded by the UK government and the European Commission and has provided testimony and policy advice to various UK government departments (UK Treasury, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Policy, Department of Health), UK Parliamentary Committees, and officials at the European Commission. She was awarded her PhD from the London School of Economics, where she also worked as a researcher at the Centre for Economic Performance.

Dr. Brian Meehan

Research Affiliate

Dr. Brian Meehan is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Berry College. Brian earned his PhD in economics from Florida State University. He earned his MA in economics from Central Michigan University and his BS in economics from Northern Michigan University. His research interests include law and economics, occupational licensing, and public choice. He has published in academic journals including: Public Choice, The International Review of Law and Economics, and Applied Economics. Much of his work focuses on the impact of occupational licensing on labor markets and crime. He has also published policy reports on occupational licensing for the Archbridge Institute and an op-ed appearing in The Hill.

Dr. Darwyyn Deyo

Research Affiliate

Darwyyn Deyo is an Assistant Professor of Economics at San Jose State University who teaches law and economics and labor economics. She is also an Affiliate Research Fellow with the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute. She has researched the impact of occupational licensing on service quality, the labor supply of criminals, and topics in health economics such as the impact of tort reform and the Affordable Care Act on health care utilization. She has published in such journals as the Journal of Private Enterprise, the Journal of Economics and Finance Education, the American Journal of Managed Care, and the Journal of the American College of Radiology. She earned a Doctorate in Economics and a Masters in Economics from George Mason University. She is also an alumni of Saint Mary’s College of California where she earned a dual Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in International Area Studies. She previously worked as a Research Fellow with the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute and was an affiliate scholar with the Center for Micro-Economic Policy Research at George Mason University. Before beginning her doctorate, she worked as a journalist covering political news out of Pennsylvania. She is also co-founder of the Finance and Economics Women’s Network, which supports undergraduate students in those disciplines.

Dr. Alicia Plemmons

Research Affiliate

Dr. Alicia Plemmons is an Assistant Professor in the Economics & Finance Department at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Her research uses applied spatial and econometric methods to understand how policy changes affect labor markets. She studies how to create environments that facilitate healthy economic growth and business development through research that seeks to understand the motivations that determine entry, operating, and exit decisions of firms, laborers, and consumers. She compliments her empirical background with the use of technology-driven techniques such as large-scale data scraping, geographic information systems, and predictive machine learning.

Dr. Tingting Zhang

Research Affiliate

Tingting Zhang is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies and Analytics at the Girard School of Business, Merrimack College. She will be joining The School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in August 2021. She earned a Doctorate in Industrial Relations and Human Resources and a Masters in Economics from the University of Toronto in Canada. She also holds a Bachelor in Economics from the University of British Columbia in Canada and a Bachelor in Computer Science from Shandong University in China. Her research focuses on various training and development mechanisms both within and outside organizations, such as occupational regulation and the emergence of nondegree credentials, shape individuals’ career outcomes, especially marginalized groups such as women and immigrants. Tingtings’s research has appeared in such journals as International Migration Review, British Journal of Industrial Relations, International Journal of Training and Development, and Canadian Public Policy.

Dr. Bobby Chung

Research Affiliate

Bobby is a labor economist. He received his Ph.D in Economics at Clemson University. He is now a postdoctoral research associate at the School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). He is also a network member of the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group. Bobby's recent work includes social network, teacher licensing, and real estate licensing.